Anne Kronenberg, Co-Founder

ANNE KRONENBERG – Anne Kronenberg is the co-founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation and can be seen frequently leading our efforts in the bay area and San Francisco, the city that gave birth to Harveys rise to political office and that carries his flame most brightly.  As a true living legend of the LGBT movement, Anne was Harvey’s campaign manager for his successful ground breaking election to public office, served as his primary political aide in City hall and was Harvey’s close personal friend during his years in San Francisco. Anne consistently provides the Foundation with both her historical perspective of that extremely courageous time for our movement in the 70s and the modern relevance of the Milk Legacy today.  She has spoken at LGBT rights events across the US and in Europe and is a proud champion of a truly global rights movement.

Anne currently serves as Executive Director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management. Prior to her current position as Director of Emergency Management she had been with the SF Department of Health for nearly 15 years, serving in a number of capacities including Deputy Director, Director of External Affairs, Public Information Officer, and Government Relations.

Anne was appointed to the State Board of  Medicine in 1998, serving as the President of the Board for 3 years and Vice President for 2. Prior to her tenure with the Department of Public Health, she was Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Criminal Justice Council from 1991-1994.

She has chaired the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Single Room Occupancy Task Force since its inception in 1998.

Anne has extensive government experience, having worked at the federal level for Senator Ted Kennedy; at the state level for Assemblyman John Vasconcellos; and at the local level on both the legislative and executive sides of government.

Anne believes that equality is achieved through education, inclusion and both collective and individual equality which is supported but not accomplished by laws and legislation alone.

Anne, Speaker Pelosi, Anne's daughter Maggie



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