Miriam Richter, Education Director and Counsel

Miriam Richter is a Director and General Counsel of the Foundation. She leads the Harvey Milk Foundation on Fiscal matters, our Education initiatives including our partnership with the USPS on the release of the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp and she also represents the Milk family personality rights. For two decades Miriam has been a leader in the field of primary and secondary education, teaching in some of America’s most recognized public educational schools and establishing herself as a known authority on inclusiveness in both curriculum and classroom.

In 2010, Miriam founded and led the effort to establish domestic partnership benefits in municipalities and cities in the SouthEast including the landmark legislative same sex partnership benefits for Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale.  She has been engaged and an active participant in round table forums held by the US Justice Department, the US Department of Labor and the White House.


Miriam Richter is currently a leading authority on trademark law and is the senior managing partner of a US based law firm specializing in personality and intellectual property rights.